Juli, 2017


BARCAMP: GAME OVER – Gaming Strategies in Daily Life and Work12:00 - 18:00 Jahnstraße 3, Düsseldorf



In 2013, US American game designer Eric Zimmerman proclaimed ours to be the era of play in his “Manifesto for a Ludic Century”. Ever since gamers all over the world have been discussing his theory. But what has been celebrated as a profound cultural turn to more participation and creation, has also provoked critics. The playful no longer stands just for fun and freedom, but also has its downsides in precarity, manipulation and the massive surrender of privacy and personal data.

As part of the series “Game ON Stage Reloaded”, the FFT Düsseldorf discusses the social facets of play with international experts. Eric Zimmerman (NYC) himself will join us in Düsseldorf to review his 2013 manifesto. Together with media theorist Matthias Fuchs, game designer and author Christiane Hütter and game critic Christian Huberts, the FFT and machina eX will discuss his position.


(Samstag) 12:00 - 18:00


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Jahnstraße 3, Düsseldorf


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