Juli, 2017


BASTION 249220:00 - 20:50



Hyper-real adventure game 

There is a hostile world outside. The only way to keep safe is to retreat to the bastion. For generations, the community has lived secluded behind these walls. It is here that the audience encounters the guard, who singlehandedly carries out a series of technical protocols in order to safeguard the complex system that protects the fortress. Little information permeates from the outside, and as long as uncertainty reigns, the fortress must in no event be left. But one day, the guard makes a discovery that casts doubt on these ancient myths.

The young gaming theatre collective machina eX occupies the fortress for the entire duration of the festival with its life-size computer game. In small groups of 12, the audience becomes part of a dark sci-fi story, in which they solve puzzles together and try to get to the bottom of who is protected in the fortress – and from what? An immersive experience that is a cross between audio play, interactive installation and performance.

Concept machina eX Concept, direction, artistic direction Clara Ehrenwerth Concept and script Victor Kümel Production manager and technical director Philip Steimel Performance Joséphine de Weck Set design För Künkel Technical, programming and interactive design Lasse Marburg Sound design Malu Peeters Production assistant Aude Bourrier Assistant set designer Mirjam Hildbrand Production Belluard Festival

Production/Produktion Belluard Festival

Produced with the support of the Canton of Fribourg Cultural Promotion Fund and work grants from Pro Helvetia and Migros Cultural Percentage



(Samstag) 20:00 - 20:50

machina eX macht Computerspieltheater – theatrale Point 'n' Click Adventures in lebensechter Grafik.