Mai, 2014

3 - 3

"Theater Artists meet Video Game Artists" Theater and Web Conference(Mai 3) 19:30 - (Juni 3) 21:30 Schumann Straße 8, Berlin



Who are the new artists of the digital age? What do they look like, the people who move the Digital Natives? What is happening around the contemporary performing art online and offline?

The big evening event on the opening night of the “Theater and Web” conference dares a crossover this year between two very distinct fields of the performance art:
Theater director Robert Borgmann meets two Video Game Artists of one of the learning German software development company: Dennis Schwarz and Peter Gornstein of Crytek. Dennis Schwarz has been co-responsible as Game Designer for the shooter hit „Crysis 2“, which won the Deutschen Computerspielpreis (German Computer Game Prize) in 2012 as the first non primarily educationally valuable game. Peter Gornstein is originally film- and commercials director and recently worked on the XBoxOne-Actiongame „Ryse: Son of Rome“ as Cinematic Director and Narrator. Robert Borgmann’s Stuttgart production of Tchechow’s  „Onkel Wanja“ will be seen at this year’s Berlin Theatertreffen Monday after our conference.

The three present pieces of their work and discuss: What is interesting about the new art form Game Design and how does it pick up traditional fields like performance art? They will talk about „Motion Capturing“ and its relationship to classical dramatics. They talk about performance technology on the stage and in the virtual image. They shed light on how classical narrative and dramatic forms are acquired today in theater, film and games. What are the next steps after the deconstruction? Where do the stage of today and the digital dramatics get their aesthetic power from? What can be learned from each other?

And, please, if one has the makers of the “Crysis” series present in person, then of course there will be a small critical discourse: What about ego-shooters? Can they be critiqued via the common idea of realism as in “Who dives into these worlds must be vulnerable and dangerous in real life as well”? But who ever would have found the attendance of Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus” problematic, just because fantasies of revenge are demonstrated and in the end most of the dramatic personnel turns out dead?

The discussion is headed by Anna Fries, who is artistically moving between the worlds of theater and computer game as a member and performer of the live-game-theater group machina eX.

The event takes place at 19:30 in the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Schumann Straße 8, Berlin). Admittance is free and no notification is required.


Mai 3 (Samstag) 19:30 - Juni 3 (Dienstag) 21:30



Schumann Straße 8, Berlin

machina eX macht Computerspieltheater – theatrale Point 'n' Click Adventures in lebensechter Grafik.