Oktober, 2014


Tracing Tales18:00 - 22:00 Am Brunnengarten 16, 68169 Mannheim



We must not delude ourselves: The thoughts are free – everything else is monitored, stored and evaluated. Everyone is affected, digital native or world wide web skeptic, and everyone knows – just the awareness of the dangers of total observance by secret services and multinational companies has hardly spread. The enemy appears too impalpable and mighty for resistance: the algorithms, behind which there’s rarely ever a human anymore, the codes, which make spies look outdated.

But what happens if one source has at command all the information in the world like afore only god and his counterpart in literature, the omnipotent narrator, who makes the puppets dance, fight and suffer as desired? If the individual elements out of which we put together ourselves and our realities fall into foreign hands unsorted?

TRACING TALES  in cooperation with the Nationaltheater Mannheim sets out to find the stories to which our data is put together – and the narrator who is able to reassemble its individual parts at any time.

Text Clara Ehrenwert
Direction and Set Design Anna Fries
Sound Design Mathias Prinz
Technical Director Robin Krause
Technician Sebastian Arnd


Venue: Housing Area Herzogenried: Am Brunnengarten 16, 68169 Mannheim:

Parking Opportunities in the street ‘Zum Herrenried’. Public Access with the metro line RNV 5 (until ‘Grenadierstraße’, 5-10 minutes walk) or with the bus lines RNV 60 (until ‘Sandgewann’) or RNV 61 (until ‘Hochuferstraße’). Follow the signage from there.

18.00 / 19.00 / 20.00 / 21.00 Uhr
4 audience members per performance ∙ Tickets are only sold in advance; no box office!



(Donnerstag) 18:00 - 22:00


Housing Area Herzogenried

Am Brunnengarten 16, 68169 Mannheim

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