Written by Laura Schäffer on February 2nd, 2014

Who looked closely at the project section of our homepage, will already have noticed this small logo:


machina eXplore is our newest laboratory label.
Here you’ll find new formats which are still experimented on and tested, like ongoing beta test games. The first game will be the new experimental game RIGHT OF PASSAGE which will premiere on March 11th and marks the end of our research phase at the FFT Düsseldorf in the context of GAME ON STAGE. Why this is a venturous attempt, Anna already explained in November on the Game On Stage Blog.

And who knows, maybe a recurring format is growing out of that new experiment? Tickets are sold under:  http://www.forum-freies-theater.de/0304/rightofpassageff.html
RIGHT OF PASSAGE is an indoor open world performance lasting up to 3 hours. There will be several starting times.

In parallel Lasse and Philip are working on a GAME ON STAGE bonus level which will hopefully let our hearts beat faster starting in March.

After our fall tour through Germany and Switzerland in 2013, 2014 will catch up fast: From April 11th through April 13th you can tell your Polish friends, because HEDGE KNIGHTS is coming to Cracow to the Festival “SpielArt” of the Goethe Institue Cracow.

Also in April another surprise is awaiting. And in the summer there will be language confusions. More cannot be said at this point. Keep looking at the calendar. 2014 will be full!