Blind Variation #3

The Game

Blind Variation #3

Theatrical Game

“I’ll say it straight, this is simply a really fine theater evening, which does not resign itself and its conception of Schiller to passed on stereotyped thinking like classicism, romanticism or Sturm und Drang. It directs the focus to the fundamental: the human being itself.”
Bernd Mand, nachtkritik

“I am standing in a world of horror. And I am horribly delighted about this theater 2.0. (…) Never before have I encountered such an emotional invasive experience in the theater.”
Kristina Petzold,

Do you feel sometimes as if there is a veil separating you from your environment? A veil that you would like to raise? Do you feel watched sometimes? Are you ticklish? Do you ask yourself for some time now about light sustenance? Do you sometimes miss your parents out of the blue? Do you adore photographs? Do you have a laughter that infects no one?

In BLIND VARIATION #3 we search for the truth. Starting point is Schiller’s ballad “The veiled image at Sais”, which combines the antique topos of the veiled truth with the search of a young man who’s hungry for knowledge. Because: “It is the same for all, though everyone sees it differently; but that it stays the one makes the different true.” (Friedrich Schiller)

In small groups the audience goes through the evening and through the story as they solve the puzzles posed to them. Three life concepts become three sides of one medal, three truth seekers seize the audience’s three hands. Three rooms grow together, three utopias collide and a veil stays a veil.

A theatrical game for 12 players – duration ca. 50 minutes.

Premiered in the context of the 17th International Schillertage 2013 at the National Theater Mannheim. A commissioned production for the National Theater Mannheim in coproduction with machina eX and zeitraumexit e.V..






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The Scenery

Copy­right: Chris­tian Kleiner


From: Anna Fries, Yves Regenass, Laura Schäffer, Philip Steimel (machina eX)

Text: Olivia Wenzel
Sound: Malu Peeters
Stage Design & Costumes: Anna Sina Fries, Marie Luise Schlegelmilch
Production: Laura Schäffer
Technical Direction: Philip Steimel
Direction: Anna Sina Fries, Yves Regenass
Performance: Janina Schröder; Florian Stamm, Dominik Weber

A commissioned production for the National Theater Mannheim in coproduction with machina eX and zeitraumexit e.V..

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