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“Parade of the experts with maximized scene-power”
Christian Rakow, nachtkritik

A two-year long cooperation between machina eX and the Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf.

In overall 5 levels we explore the interfaces between gaming and theater together. We cross-link with the city, try and debate with the audience of the FFT, invite experts and approach a final production in the spring of 2014.

Level ONE: Barcamp “Gaming & Theater” + guest performance “15.000 Gray”.

Level TWO: research phase “Popping, Locking, Robot Dance – How does a living interface look?” + final presentation with Choreographer Jochen Roller

Level THREE: Workshop- and research phase: “Hacking, Soldering, Programming”  Open Source Hardware + Festival “SpielZeug Festival” in Cooperation with the GarageLab e.V. and the Coworking Space GarageBilk

Level FOUR: guest performance “Hedge Knights” + research phase “Interaction –  Story – Dramaturgy” with Game Designers Martin Ganteföhr and Jan Müller-Michaelis as well as the Media Professor Ulrike Spierling.

Level FIVE: Game-Produktion “Right of Passage”.

Throughout all levels audiences and experts accompany us like for example Ulrike Spierling, Martin Ganteföhr, Jan “Poki” Müller-Michaelis, members of the ChaosComputerClub, adventure fans, tinkerers from the GarageLab e.V. and many others. There are workshops given, trainings taken, festivals and conferences staged and research on the interfaces between performance arts and game culture begun.

Funded by the Doppelpass project of the Kulturstiftung des Deutschen Bundes.

Here is the homepage of the project:

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machina eX macht Computerspieltheater – theatrale Point 'n' Click Adventures in lebensechter Grafik.