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Escape the Room

“”Why did we just do that?”, a girl in my group asks after we tried different combinations of commands in a collective power frenzy and forced the performer with the perfect MIreille-Mathieu haircut to do absurd and sometimes repetitive operations just like a puppet on a string. “Because it is fun”, another girl answers.”
Andreas Tobler, Tagesanzeiger Zürich

“In a previously unseen way the group mixes two worlds which so far seemed incompatible. And they accomplish it with flying colors”
Jan Graber for „20 Minuten“

For the reopening of the Gessnerallee Zürich in 2012 machina eX developed a whole new game format: machina ESC. Inspired by games of the “Escape-the-room” genre a new remote-controlled performance game with live video was developed:

HAPPY HOUR at the Stall 6. Four times a night and for selected guests the undoubtedly most dubious staff member of the Gessnerallee, Barista Fascino, provides the opportunity for a very new attraction: In the attic of the former mews he built a grim playing field, in which he holds two people captive. Remotely controlled by the guests they have to escape the game. “Escape the room!” – alive and fast, as far as possible. In order to do that doors have to be opened, bridges built, obstacles overcome and hidden devices found. Fascino is known for his high stake in poker, nothing entertains him more than a real spectacle. He keeps the game in sight – and you. How far would you go?

An “Escape-the-room” game for 12 players – duration ca. 45 minutes.

Premiered on September 21st 2012 at the Gessnerallee Zürich.
A coproduction with the Gessnerallee Zürich, funded by the City Zürich.

In Motion


Anna Fries, Robin Krause, Nele Katharina Lenz, Lasse Marburg, Laura Naumann, Mathias Prinz, Yves Regenass, Laura Alisa Schäffer and Jan Philip Steimel

Set Design: Sabina Winkler
Assistants: Lily-Pauline Koper, Mortimer Chen

A Coproduktion between machina eX and the Gessnerallee Zürich

Funded by the City Zürich Culture Department

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