The Game


Theatrical Game

Life of N. invites its audience to a mysterious archive outside of time and space, a place of hidden secrets and the memory of a lifetime. There they meet an eccentric archivist who meticulously collects and sorts a variety of artefacts and documents from the life of a certain N. The players are allowed to explore this Wunderkammer and learn more about N. and his life with every single discovery. In the moments the players make a decision however, the archive is changing before their very eyes. Their engagement thus might cause the archive to fall apart further and further. The manner in which N.s past is archived, has a serious impact on N.s future, which is also hidden in the archive and will be discovered by the players. Are they able to correct the incorrect and repair the damage they have done? In a confusion of realities we question the power of memory and the value of oblivion.





Dates and Tickets at Schau­spiel Leipzig.

The Scenery

In Motion


A Cooperation with Schauspiel Leipzig

Performer: Bernd-Michael Baier 

Director: Anton Krause

Set Design: För Künkel

Costume Design: Agathe MacQueen 

Script & Sounddesign: Mathias Prinz

Technical & Production Direction: Robin Krause

Interaction Design and Programming: Lasse Marburg und Robin Krause

Production: Max Grafe und Antje Woldt

Dramaturgy: Ambrus Ivanyos

Pictures © Rolf Arnold

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