Mannheim ’75

The Game

Mannheim ’75

Theatrical Game

Mannheim, 1975: The Federal Garden Show is about to begin. From all over the world exotic plants are transported into Mannheim, a hanging cable railway is installed exclusively for the event and the whole city gets carried away in green exoticism. The whole city? No. One lonely idealist fights the insanity of the capitalization of nature, the exoticism in the greenhouses and defends the ignored endemic plants: In the rec room of his home he forges plans for the biggest act of ecoterrorism ever seen in Mannheim. But he is about to be discovered: The young policewoman Erika investigates undercover and tries to save the flower terrorist from a violent storming by the police force. Between LSD trip, German pop, herb liqueur and flower fertilizer the audience can decide who’s side to support and how to end the story.

A short theatrical adventure for 2 players – duration ca. 10 minutes.

MANNHEIM ’75 was premiered as a 10-minute performance in the context of the project X-WOHNUNGEN at the 16th International Schillertage in Mannheim.


The Scenery


Concept / Execution / Set Design: Anna Fries, Yves Regenass and Laura Alisa Schäffer
Performance: Anna Fries, Kim Kannler, Yves Regenass and Laura Alisa Schäffer
Stand-In: Jan Philip Steimel
Producer: Laura Alisa Schäffer
Testing: Anne Schulz, Anja Lindner and Nike Wilhelms

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