The Game


Theatrical Game

“The second world begins at the end of a dark corridor. (…) Amidst the heart of the machine windows open in the literal and figurative sense. (…) What is a popular moment of existential heteronomy in the horror genre, is turning into a trip through the layers of reality. (…) The audience forms a big entity which presses ahead the events in a ping-pong operation and surrenders to the game with all its tasks. (…) In an loop mimicking reality the audience is thrown back again and again to themselves, their group dynamic and their perception. (…) Anna Fries, Laura Naumann and Yves Regenass as the war playing janitor oscillate between comically staged slapstick and moments in which a certain anxiety á la David Lynch emerges between the chinks and nooks. The result is a fairytale, far away from reality and still so close.”
Stephanie Drees, HiAZ, 2. Juli 2010


We submerged into the adventures of Anika and her stuffed bunny Maurice, helped them against ghostly nuns and firestorms and let them find the janitor, who became a hero and in doing so made one huge mistake.

A house full of memories. A confused young lady, who’s admitted to a hospital. A children’s home, which was a barrack once with tanks, howitzers, anti-aircraft guns and a sick young girl who likes to play war. Sirens and a heap of unsorted memories. Will the audience, the poltergeists, be able to reconstruct the events? Will they succeed in helping Anika remember? And: Can they prevent the janitor from doing a big mistake?

MAURICE is machina eX’s first full-length theatrical game . It was developed and premiered in summer 2010 in three rooms and one hallway of abandoned military barracks in Hildesheim. The duration varies between 75 and 90 minutes. (Rumor has it that there was a group which finished the game in 60 minutes…)

Maurice is concerted as a permanent installation and need about 1,5 weeks of rebuild time. Secretly machina eX hopes to resume this piece at some point.

A theatrical game for 10 to 12 players – duration ca. 85 minutes.

The Scenery

Fotos © by Nico­las Röse­ner und Flo­rian Baumgarten


Idea, Concept and Execution: Laura Alisa Schäffer, Jan Philip Steimel
Performance and Dramaturgy: Anna Sina Fries, Laura Naumann, Yves Regenass
Production and Video Documentation: Nele Katharina Lenz
Technical Director: Robin Krause
Technical Game Design, Hacking & Electrical Engineering: Lasse Marburg
Soundtrack & Sounddesign: Mathias Prinz
Set Design: Lucas Humann
Speakers: Norman Grotegut, Antonia Tittel
Production Baby: Giacumina Oelhafen
Testing: Kaja Jakstat, Sami Bill, Anton Krause, Mathias Mertens, Tom Felbeck, Thomas Stöckl, Rik Oppermann, Florian Baumgarten, Sara Dusanic, Luka Raulf, Gwen van der Linde, Katharina Eckholdt, Juliane Hahn, Sarah Brüning, Niklas Mihr, Julian Brink, Carolin Gerlach, Martin Pleiß, Martin Schnippa, Maike Tödter and Martin Zepter

Funded and sponsored by: StuPa Hildesheim, Studentenwerk Braunschweig, MLP Oliver Heilemann, St. Bernward Krankenhaus Hildesheim (especially Mrs. Müller, Mr. Aselmeier and the radiology department)

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