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Theatrical Game

“The big allure is to experience oneself as a person who strides to solutions openly and cooperatively with other people, senses pleasure in doing so and – in a way as a reward – gets scenic miniatures in return.”
Tom Mustroph, Neues Deutschland

machina eX – Wir aber erwachen

The Team: (from left to right: Mathias Prinz, Lasse Marburg, Nele K. Lenz, Anna Fries, Laura Naumann, Sander von Lingelsheim, Robin Krause, Laura Schäffer, Yves Regenass, Philip Steimel. absent: Julia Hundt, Franziska Riedmiller, Anton Rose) © Jannis Keil

Berlin 2092. The earth is a desert. During the day it’s storming dust. At night the contaminated sky is sparkling green. In a bunker the first two humans awake from their centennial cryonic sleep. They shake their limbs, test their joints. They step in front of an altar. They give thanks for their awakening. They are the new humanity. The central computer interrupts their prayers with an alarm:

“Initiation of mission “buildup” required immediately”

After the dystopia “15’000 Gray” the audience once again meets the scientists Monica McLain and Amanda Aaron and have to make fatal decisions…

A theatrical game for 12 players – duration ca. 80 minutes.

Premiered on May 12th 2012 at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin.
A coproduction with the HAU, funded by the Haupstadtkulturfonds and Seagate Technology.

The Scenery


By: Anna Fries, Robin Krause, Nele K. Lenz, Lasse Marburg, Laura Naumann, Mathias Prinz, Yves Regenass, Laura Schäffer and Philip Steimel

Set Design: Julia Hundt und Franziska Riedmiller
Production and Technical Assistant: Sander von Lingelsheim
Understudy and Dramaturgy: Anton Rose
Intern: Sarah Brinkmann

Funding and Sponsors: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Hauptstadtkulturfonds (HKF) and Seagate Technology

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machina eX macht Computerspieltheater – theatrale Point 'n' Click Adventures in lebensechter Grafik.